Happy Equinox!

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Happy Equinox!

Today is the first day of Spring and to celebrate the day where there is equal sunlight and equal moonlight. Here are some great 'Welcome Spring' outfit ideas!

This layout is all about the floral! We have pastel, lacy, spring dresses perfect for frolicking through a meadow. Braided sandals so your toes can see the sunlight after a long, long winter. Girly pink gloss for your smile and a flower ring for an extra touch.

And how could we not celebrate the Equinox without a crown of flowers adorning our heads? Here are two different flower head bands to say "Hello!" to spring!

Stay Chic,

xo Haley

Do you have the time?

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Good evening!

I recently decided to spurge on myself and get a new timepiece. Looking at my phone for the time, is not practical in certain situations. So through extensive internet window shopping on a snowy afternoon I found this watch on the Urban Outfitter's online store.

Around the World Leather Watch- 39$

It is the perfect accessory. Perfect for everything, the leather band is a nice addition as well.

I love my chamomile 

The watch also has a special meaning to me, to remind me the world is wide open and ready to be explored by me. It is definitely a staple of my wardrobe now. What do you think? Are you looking for a new watch?

Stay Chic,

xo Haley


Snowsport Favorites- 4 Essential Products

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Hello Ladies!

If you don't already know I am a HUGE skier, and I'm bummed that the season is almost over. However, I know that the snow is still up in many other parts (I'm looking at you Rockies) so I felt that this article was needed. Here are my essential go-to products for skiing, or any winter sport in general. 

1. Tarte Amazonian clay BB tinted moisturizer 

This BB/tinted moisturizer from Tarte was an excellent addition to my bag this winter. The formula is lightweight and blends excellently. It keeps my skin from being chapped and moisturized when I am whizzing down the mountain. It has antioxidants as well, so I know I'm giving my wind chapped skin some TLC. Most importantly it is SPF 20 and oil-free.
I know, I know we aren't at the beach, why the SPF? At higher altitudes where the air is thinner, your skin is less protected against harmful and aging UV rays, not to mention reflection of the snow. Protect your skin and SPF up!

2. Maybelline One by One Volume Express (Waterproof)

I like this mascara because it withstands my day at the slopes. It holds out whether I'm in heavy snow or even a light rain. The bristles catch all my lashes and accentuates them, so I can show off my eyes to the cute stranger riding up the lift with me.

3. Blistex Lip Medex

Okay, this has to be my number one item for a day at the slopes. I am notorious for getting cracked, bleeding, painful lips and a day on the mountain makes it worse. This lip balm restores my moisture balance and cools my lips. Essential for windy days at the top of the mountain or bowl. I have been using this since I can remember, my mother used to put it on me before I would go out.

Even Mittens loves it!

4. Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, Combination Skin

MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE! Put this on before and after the slopes. Your skin is very delicate, so give it some care. This is a good lightweight, oil free formula, and I layer it under my BB cream. Even if you have oily skin (like me), always apply moisturizer, never skip! This way, your skin doesn't have to over produce sebum (which it naturally does when exposed to wind or other harsh drying conditions). Trust me, it is in your best interests.

Use these and go shred up some diamonds!
The best views are from the diamonds after all. 

Stay Chic,

xo Haley