DIY Zig-Zag Nails!

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Good Evening Ladies!

So I've been getting really into the Chevron/Zig-Zag trend that has been dominating the fashion industry lately. I decided to go forward with my obsession this past Fourth of July and the London Olympics!

I got so many compliments!

Now before you start digging out your specialty nail brushes and stress, I'll help you out!

-Your favorite red, white, and blue nail polish. (Or any really) 
-Clear coat
-Painters tape
-Zig Zag Craft Scissors 
-Painters tape

1. To start, take your white nail polish (or base coat) and paint two coats

2. Before you continue make sure your nails are COMPLETELY DRY, this is really important.

3. Now tear off a piece of painters tape to cover your nail.

4. On the two parallel straight sides (not the side you teared, but the top and bottom) use the scissors to cut the top and bottom off.
If the rectangle is your piece of tape, the blue portion after cutting it what you place on the center of your nails.

5. Take the middle piece and lay across the center of your nail. (Cut more and repeat for remaining nails)

6. Paint your top and bottom color!

7. When the nail polish is dry, carefully peel back the tape.

8. Seal with a top coat, and Tada! Beautiful nails!

Stay Chic,

xo Haley

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