DIY Bleached Denim Nails

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Hey Ladies!

So I'm back with a fun, easy, new tutorial for you featuring bleach dyed nails!

These edgy nails were inspired by the fall denim trend of bleached denim jeans

See this look followed by Nicole Richie, Gwen Stefani, and Fergie

Here's what you'll need to add this look to your closet!

-Nail polish remover

-White nail polish (I used Sally Hansen, Hard as Nails in "White On")

-Dark blue nail polish (I used Fast Dry by Wet n Wild in "Saved by the Blue")

-Cotton Q-tips

Start off by painting your nails with the blue color. I would recommend two coats of the blue. You can be messy with your painting, it won't effect the finished product!

Now after your last blue coat has dried, paint one coat of the white on top.

Now here comes the fun part where we "bleach our jeans". Don't worry it is so simple!
Take a Q-tip and load it up with nail polish remover. Then lightly, rub up and down on the nail letting the white nail polish lightly rub off leaving streaks of blue.

Continue rubbing until you have achieved the level of "bleaching" you so desire. Then use the Q-tip to clean up your messy parts.

Viola! Bleached nails!

Aren't they fabulous?

Stay Chic,

xo Haley

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  1. Hey,
    Such a clever idea, I'm so going to try it out (wish me luck!) but I defo think its one to do when my little one is in bed!!

    1. Good luck! It was so surprisingly easy I think you'll be fine!! Stay chic xoxo


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