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Hey Ladies! Today I will be reviewing smashbox's Camera Ready BB Cream with SPF 35.

I first came across this product from a sample I had gotten with a Sephora purchase. This is one of the first BB creams I had tried, and I was curious to how it would work with my skin.

What does this BB cream do?
BB cream (short for Beauty Balm) has become a widely used and very popular product in Asia and has begun to catch on in the United States. BB cream combines several skin care regimens into an easy and normally tinted formula. Smashbox claims that their BB cream;

1. Primes- For wear alone or under a heavier foundation
2. Perfects- Shades blend well and even out your complexion
3. Hydrates- Improves skin moisture in as little as 4 weeks
4. Protects- Contains SPF 35 against UVA/UVB rays
5. Controls Oil- Minimizes shine

The consistency reminds me of a tinted moisturizer, making it thicker than most BB creams. I really hate heavier foundations that cake on and this product was perfect.

I have read complaints that this product was streaky and had a funny tint, however, if you use this BB cream properly then there is nothing wrong.

You only need a pea sized amount to cover your skin, any more and you will be using too much!

One of my biggest concerns was oil control. I have oily skin and mid day shine was definitely an issue. This is the only product that has almost completely eliminated shine without any reapplication as well as being non-acnegenic. Another big concern is sun damage due to my fair skin, the SPF is perfect, and I have no problems!

Color "Light", their second lightest shade

All blended in! (Isn't the sample adorably sized?)

The price, $39 USD, can throw a daunting shadow over the product. However, since only a pea sized amount is necessary, you will be using that 1 oz bottle for a while!

In Summary,

-Actually Mattifying
-Contains SPF
-Good variety of shades

-Price (but you use such a small amount)

If you have any questions or comments you would like to make, comment in the box below and I'll get back to you! I would love to hear how this product has worked for you!

Stay Chic,
xo Haley

**For more information on this product go to the smashbox site here.

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  1. Yeah that stuff is expensive!! But nice review.
    Found you via Mimika's Beauty blog hop...have followed xx

    1. Isn't it? But I'm buying it because it lasts soo long! Thanks for following!
      xo Haley

  2. Hmm, maybe I'll try this! :)


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