Poll Thursday: Favorite Lip Product!

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Hey Ladies!

Welcome to Poll Thursday, this weeks question is, Favorite Lip Product! This is just a fun way to get to know my readers so just select your choice in the box in the side bar! I am planning on making a lip product tutorial soon, so give me some feed back! Stay Chic.


  1. Hi! I followed you through the BBU blog hop. :)
    I hope you can check out mine, and maybe follow too?! :)


  2. hello from Friday blog hops.. as for me my favorite lip product is Sephora rouge (the red- cream) which I can wear anytime. may it be on a casual day out or a formal dinner. another one is Peachy Mocha by Sasatinnie shape and style. that I can also wear when I just want to look plain and simple and fresh more like a skin- toned gloss.. I only have 2 kinds of lip sticks in my kit because I dont want to carry carry a lot. Ill wait till they are finish then buy a new one.. ;-)


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